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“Wherever man has left a footprint on his long journey to civilization, there’s a hoofprint right next to it.”

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Noriker Ranch Training since 2015

A small stable with great love for Noriker has turned into a riding and boarding house.
Our aim is to give you an insight into the life of our horses and to make the Noriker breed better known.
Furthermore the training of horses and people in harmony.
On this page you can discover our horses and find all information about the Noriker Ranch.


The Noriker is a medium heavy, strong, persevering but also quite sporty mountain cold blood. The breeding area is primarily in Austria.

For many children the contact with animals is not natural. It is not only fun, but also has a positive influence on development.

You’ve always wanted to ride a Noriker or a cold-blooded horse? Or just a ride on a sure-footed and relaxed horse?

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